Beyond Fabric Portuguese Cape Brown


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Digging deep into cultural heritage, Beyond Fabric reinvents the traditional century-old capes worn by shepherds in Southern Portugal. Maintaining all the traditional manufacturing techniques and authentic materials, such as the unique wool fabric Surrobeco, genuine mutton fur collars and checked inner linings, this version delivers an updated take on the original. Favoring mutton instead of fox fur and delivering a unique design with more fitted silhouette (without altering the cape-like essence), this is the ultimate statement outerwear piece, perfect to wear over a suit or a more casual attire: truly an exclusive garment.

This cape features unique handcrafted vest-like construction with two top layers draping over for a trademark aesthetic. The tight weave on the fabric makes it both wind and waterproof. Being a cape, sizes are measured using length as a reference: model is 1,81m and wearing a 1,35 cape.

Note: due to the genuine fur used in the collars, subtle color differences are likely to occur as each piece is unique.

- Made in Portugal
- Made from Surrobeco fabric, produced only in Portugal
- Exclusive fitted design
- Genuine mutton fur collar
- Updated century-old garment
- 80% wool / 20% polyester
- Windproof / Waterproof