Becoming a physical representation of the blog, Beyond Fabric brings to life my own vision of menswear. In tune with the blog's universe and aesthetic, Beyond Fabric aims to materialize distinct garments that earned their place within my eclectic, european-rooted style, always keeping quality and authenticity in mind. Proud of its cultural heritage, all garments are produced in Portugal, making use of its experienced and refined industry to deliver the highest quality. This unusual mix between heritage and an ever evolving sense of style, results in a unique selection of garments that perfectly blends both tradition and current trends.

The first deliveries are a perfect example: the century-old portuguese fur collared capes, originally worn by shepherds in Alentejo, are now presented with an exclusive tailored fit, making them an updated statement piece for cold winter days. With focus on authenticity and tradition, the original design as well as craftsmanship techniques and materials prevail: from Burel, a unique waterproof and windproof wool fabric produced only in Portugal, to the contrast inner checked linnings and the genuine mutton fur collars.


Fuss is a project that results from two friend's shared love for fine everyday garments and their willingness to bring to life. An uncanny duo comprised by an architect (Nuno Alves de Carvalho) and former civil engineer turned menswear blogger (Miguel Amaral Vieira), aim to deliver an original array of capsule collections suitable for anyone, anytime, anywhere. Fuss is about feeling good about yourself and what you're wearing, focusing on you alone while leaving labels and third parties behind.

Merging together different background influences and a common vision for the future, Fuss's inspiration comes from our everyday experiences and surrounding environments.


Add-On is the celebration of a woman's love for accessories, namely those related to menswear. Created by Maria João Terroso, each piece is handcrafted and unique, making use of leftover fabrics from industrial production and mixing elements commonly found at your local hardware store. Providing a wide range of accessories, ranging from casual to cerimonial and comprising bracelets, bandanas, pocket squares and bowties, Add-On is the perfect way to boost your attire no matter the occasion. Combining a personal vision and aesthetic with an environmentally friendly, recycling-oriented process, the brand aims to deliver new life to otherwise disposable objects.

Coming Soon!


Aiming to bring a new found life to your footwear collection, The Laces Company sets out to deliver exclusive designed laces for your shoes, sneakers or boots. As it's often stated: difference is in the small details...and accessories play a huge role in portraying personal style and individuality. Keeping in tune with the latest trends and seasonal shades, these laces allow you to easily change the aesthetic of your favorite footwear, be it on a more classic or casual mood.