Beyond Fabric was created in 2010 as a personal menswear and lifestyle blog and a means to let my voice be heard. Although my love for clothes and style was ever present throughout my life's journey, it was kept dormant as I established a career in Civil Engineering where I graduated as Master. However, few years into my professional life proved enough for me to take a chance and pursue my long life's dream of working in fashion. In 2010, after founding Beyond Fabric, the blog's growing recognition opened doors in the fashion business, allowing me to take the leap and make this much sought transition.

After three years, Beyond Fabric continues to grow and establish its rightful place among a renowned list of menswear blogs and websites, always maintaining its focus on delivering a personal take on the importance of clothes in one's projected and perceived image. This online shops aims to materialize years of dedication and hard work, bringing to you an exclusive selection of brands and pieces perfectly in tune with the blog's universe and overall aesthetic. The founding of the Beyond Fabric label can be described as the culmination of my life experience and a way to share with all of you my own vision and personal style.

Miguel Amaral Vieira
Editor in Chief: Beyond Fabric